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By Susan Leigh Carlton

Historic Western Romance Novel

Mary Catherine was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage as an infant. Still unadopted, she is nearing the maximum age for the orphanage. Neither of the two choices offered by the mother superior hold much promise. Will it be the orphan train or the streets of New York City?

Trace Jennings lost his father in the Civil War. He was raised by his mother and lives on a ranch in Helena, Montana. A disastrous mail order marriage left him with a stepdaughter and leery of marriage.
Can Mary Catherine and Trace put their bad memories behind them and have a life together? What happens to the stepdaughter?

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Susan Leigh Carlton

Susan Leigh Carlton was born in Rock Hill. SC She now lives with her husband of fifty-eight years, Rick, and her ornery cat, Lissie.

Susan Leigh Carlton is a 90 years old computer nerd. She spent forty years working for IBM in various roles. She was a customer engineer, an instructor and held various manager positions.

She began writing and publishing on Amazon in August of 2012 and has written how-to computer books, contemporary fiction, a children’s book about her dog, and even a couple of of zombie books, but her real passion is historical western romance and time travel. One hundred-sixty-eight of them and all on Amazon, with most in Kindle Unlimited.

Susan lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband of fifty-eight years, and her arrogant cat, Lissie.

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How did an iPhone sold in Missouri in 2014 wind up in a grave in Oregon that had been undisturbed for over ninety years?
Angie and Jed met in Missouri over 1,800 miles from Oregon.
How can she convince him she is telling the truth? Will he believe the strange story? Would anyone believe it? Can their love for each other survive the incredible tale she relates?

May 10, 1903…A cowhand searching for strays found a stranger in a high meadow. He was dressed in odd looking clothes and had a broken leg. Who was the man found in a remote meadow on Mary Catherine’s ranch? How did he get here? Where was he from?

May 10, 2017…The charge beneath his seat propelled Jim Bob from the cockpit of his crippled F-15 fighter plane when he pulled the ejection handle. A cowboy on a white horse approached. If he was dead, this was a weird looking angel.

How did he get from 2017 to 1904? Can they overcome his reluctance to acknowledge their feelings for each other? Can the past and the future wed?

The time is 1868…
With nothing to tie her to Mount Pleasant, the feisty and independent teacher sold the family farm and traveled to Montana to meet a prospective mail order husband.
When no one met her, she didn’t want to return to Ohio, so she secured a job teaching and rented lodging over the doctor’s office.
Can she overcome his rejection? Can he overcome the lack of love and acceptance in his past? Will they find love and respect for each other?

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